Welcome to The Bespoke Collage Company

Every pet is unique and we love to capture their character and spirit. At the Bespoke Collage Company we make beautiful A4 collages that will capture your pets story and charm.

Specially commissioned art of your beloved pet at affordable prices

My collages are £80 for a single animal or £110 for two on the same portrait. An ideal gift, or just some lovely personalised art for your home. Check out our examples and see if you would like us to create for you.

How the collage is made

Each collage is made by tearing or cutting materials . Although a lengthy process, it makes for a stunning and unique finished piece. Collages are made with locally sourced, sustainable materials.

The actual collage is A4, but is then mounted by me to 11″ x 14″ you can then buy your own 11″ x 14″ frame to present it as you like.

All I need from you is a photo of your pet. If you’re having trouble deciding, I can work with you to choose the one which might make the most effective portrait.

Tips for choosing a good photo:

Good lighting is essential. when your picture is well lit, there is a contrast between colours and light and shade. This makes the collage come to life. Many of the best portraits have the subject looking at, or towards the camera. This isn’t essential, but it can make for a striking picture. Don’t forget that, whilst you might choose for me to make the collage with the background as it is in the photograph, I can change it to being one continuous colour, so concentrate on how the animal looks rather than the setting.

Personalise your collage

I’m always keen to incorporate as many of your beautiful memories hidden inside the collage – Easter Eggs if you like. I’d therefore be delighted to know as much about life with your pet as you want to share. Favourite places, favourite foods, memorable events, a game you’ve both enjoyed… anything at all. In this way the artwork comes to life with meaning special to you.

In this commission, the dog’s owner loves music, the background of the photo was rows of records, instead I was provided with a selection of his favourite records to incorporate into the background.

Contact me with your requests and I will let you know what I can do